We’re going to go over some information about the different icons and controls on the pipeline and how to use them. 

We’ll start here with a pipeline record.

Here in the top left is the name of the prospect. 

In the top right you will see a dollar amount, this is reflecting the total amount of potential revenue that the prospect might bring in if they purchase all of the services they are interested in. 

If no service of interest has been selected, you will see that it is assigned a value of zero dollars. 

If this needs to be changed you can simply click on it and select a service. You can also adjust the price as needed to be accurate. Ensure you click the plus symbol to add the service and dollar amount to the record. 

You will see that the specific services selected are now visible on the individual record as well as here on the main pipeline board.

This green arrow indicates when the last communication was received from the client and the blue arrow indicates when the last communication was sent out through leadloop to the client. 

You may also see a red number on top of the green arrow, this indicates that there are one or more unread communications from that client. All communications are marked unread by default when they come in, which is indicated by this blue dot in the lower right hand corner of the communication. 

When you have answered the communication or otherwise handled it you can simply click this dot and they will be marked as having been read and will remove or reduce the red number indicating the total number of unread communications. 

This icon and name indicates who has been assigned to manage the lead. 

This indicates the location selected for the lead, if your practice has only one location, this will be the same for everyone. 

This clock icon indicates how long ago the overall record was created. 
The hourglass icon indicates how long the record has been in this stage. 

In practice you can see at a glance how long records have been sitting in a stage, when the last communication in or out was and what service they are interested in. As covered in other videos, you can also see at a glance when there are overdue actions or items. 

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